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Hi all, Happy NSD!, first up i really want to say a big big thank you to all of you who left me birthday and thank you comments either on here and/or 4shared, i had a really great time reading all the lovely comments and im glad most of you enjoyed the kit :)

As most of you will know there is lots of great sales going on everywere today, i have a 50% off sale in all of my stores plus i released a new cu grab bag today and for today only its on sale for $3.50!

Remember If you want to grab some really great deals to check out these stores, the store names are linked

Between 40 - 70 % off the entire store including cu grab bags and new products.



The earlier you shop, the more you save!

Saturday May 2nd - 40% Off Most Designers

Sunday May 3rd - 30% Off Most Designers

Monday May 4th to May 7th - 20% Off Most Designers

There is also a fantastic S4H free kit by Lorene Hill available today only


There is tons of different great sales and offers going on here.

Spend $6 and get a free collab.

Spend $15 and get 3 free collabs

Various different sales going on here too, they also have a nsd sale section were
some products are on sale for as much as 85% off!

Theres also lots of different sales going on here so check in the DD forums for info as some of the discounts (including my 50% OFF) wont show up until your at the checkout.

and lastly, how great a deal is this!!

Commercial Use MEGA Pack from Team Divine

23 Designers
39 Products
Over 2 Gigs worth of files
Say HELLO to our latest Team Divine Project, and watch your Commercial Use Tools Stash explode for very little $$. The total value of the products is $201.97 The sooner you grab this Mega Pack, the greater your savings will be. May 1-7 on sale for $12 May 8-15 on sale for $15 May 16-31 on sale for $18
Happy shopping lol

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