New PS Actions

I have added 14 new PS Actions to my stores today, theres is a couple of previews below and you can check them out at any of my stores by clicking the blinkies on the side bar >>>>.
Thank you for reading :) Hugs Josy ♥


  1. Beautiful actions. Love your bugs and birds!
    I'm so sorry your actions aren't ok with a French PS. :(
    Perhaps they'll ok with a PSE English version ?

  2. Hi Bluecat, im not sure if my actions work in pse, i think they would run ok in the french ps but the prompts would be in english if you want to try some out give me an email and let me know, hugs Josy xxx ♥

  3. Those are really cute! Can your CU items be used to make freebies if they are modified and mixed with other designs?



  4. Hi Anisah, yes its ok to make freebies from my products :) thanks for the comment, Josy xxx ♥